The Unstoppable Free-Market Ecosystem

Tree.Market Unlocks the P2P Free-Market Economy

Our promise is simple: provide the new generations with freedom to transact with each other, without interference from outside parties or fear of getting shut down.

A webapp made for trading in the free market

How Tree.Market Works

See the working Alpha version in action

“You can tell it's real because the dust on the notebook looks so fake” — Felon Tusk

In this demo, you can see how the webapp v.0.0.1 is used to perform a trade of several products live on-chain.

Process includes trading and transferring Dero in return. Even a small donation is added to the trade!

We're creating a platform for:

Max, your regular freedom-loving individual

...who just wants to obtain his stuff directly from the producers, instead of using intermediaries like Amazon or Etsy.

Wade, the local farmer

...that wants to offer raw milk directly to patrons, without having to worry about state-sponsored restrictions.

Tania, the small food truck owner

...looking to issue receipts easily and quickly, and take funds in all cryptos in exchange for her delicious food.

Pupi, the spiritual guide broadcaster

...wanting to accept donations in all cryptos for her spiritual awakening sessions, and memberships for her podcast (without Patreon telling her what to do).

Use it for private trade and keeping a record of all your transactions. Ideal for local economies and communities.
Take advantage of publishing in the Worldwide Tree Marketplace for widespread distribution, potentially reaching billions.

What Makes Tree.Market Unique

100% decentralized, interoperable, and open source point-of-trade solution for an unstoppable P2P economy, without intermediaries.

Our Ethos

Self-funded, open-source & free of any third party control

We have a crystal-clear vision of the future we want to live in: one where self-sovereignty and self-control are at the foundation of all interactions.

We're on a mission to lay the groundwork for the new civilization.

Join the movement: Find us on Discord, Follow the progress on Github.

Privacy & Security

Unparalleled privacy & security of your data

Tree.Market is a webapp that runs on any platform with a web browser.

Members maintain total control and own all their data, which is stored in their Dero wallet.

Everything is private by default, until you choose to share it with others.

Transactions cannot be tracked or traced, thanks to the unparalleled security of the Dero Network.

Free-Market Journal

We complement the natural way of trade

With our design process we focused on rethinking the experience of transacting for free-market dynamics.

Economies can work without intermediaries, from the very bottom up.

To redefine the system, we designed a user-friendly interface which allows Members to interact easily with the Dero blockchain.

By doing so, we help Members keep personal records of their transactions without giving the data away to be intermediated by third parties.

Decentralized Trust Economy

Own your reputation on-chain

Unlike other platforms, you have total ownership over the comments and ratings people give you, forever.

Rate Your Experience

This allows a new economy of trust without even relying on Tree.Market: it lives forever on the Dero blockchain.

If in the future you had a great history of reviews, and want to trade your brand, the reputation is transferred along with it.


P2P market

At the core, Tree.Market is a personal point-of-trade system allowing everyone to create a catalog of offering and services, and keep an immutable private journal of transactions, thanks to the abilities of the Dero Network.

Powering the future of:

Farmers markets
Off-grid communities
Small cafes, kiosks and restaurants
Independent service providers (freelancers)
Your imagination is the limit!
Treemates Crew

Bringing usability to privacy blockchains

Our elite design & development team has tens of thousands of hours of experience combined, both in the startup and corporate software worlds.

We're the first SaaS private organization building quality software products for the non-technical users to interact with the Dero blockchain.

Come and get to know us on Discord.

Become Unstoppable

Join as a Member and use your Dero wallet as your personal Point-Of-Trade. Make a donation and get a SEED Token to access special perks!

We Accept Donations and Dues in:
All dues priced in $ USDT

🌳 Treemate Membership

Become a Member and trade in the free market! Dues apply only when you need to publish listings and for using add-ons.

Launching Q3 2024



In Development
Launching Q3 2024

Lifetime Access to the Tree Market platform.

Unlimited use of the webapp for 100% private P2P trade with no dues.

Search, obtain and provide your offerings and services to Members in the Worldwide Tree Marketplace.

Only incur in dues to publish listings.

Customize your account with add-ons and only incur dues for the ones you need.

Make your reputation serving others in the free market and have it stored on-chain, absolutely under your control.

🌱 SEED Lifetime Token

Support Tree.Market development and get unlimited product listings with no dues, special perks and discounts, for as long as you hold the Token.

Launching Q3 2024



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Launching Q3 2024

Token Holders Special Benefits:

Lifetime Premium Access

Unlimited listings with no dues in the Worldwide Tree Marketplace.

Seedlings Add-ons Starter Kit - to help you kickstart your personal private storefront.

Special perks inside of the SEED Private Members Group.

Discounts on selected Add-ons.

Beta Testing Access Guaranteed. Be the first to access new features as we release them!

Freely trade, rent or transfer the Token to anyone else!


News & More

Join us and stay up to date as new things propagate. Sharing is helping!

  1. News
    3 of April, 2024

    ⏳ SEED Token Launch Paused.

    After some careful consideration and discussions by the Team, we have decided to pause the SEED Token launch and change to another crowdfunding method where people can donate whatever they can to see the project realized.

    Our plan to publish our work is still on pace. The open alpha will be our fundraising campaign, where everyone will get to test out the Tree.Market platform and make a donation to support our progress.

    Stay tuned for more updates to come.

  2. News
    27 of March, 2024

    🍃 Tree.Market: Enabling a world where 3rd parties are optional, multiple currencies are welcome, and personal cataloging is seamless.

    Embrace the future of transascting with $Dero Network's innovative technology!

    #Innovation #Blockchain #TreeMarket

  3. News
    26 of March, 2024

    🚀 Step into the future with @apollo5ever and Renaissance Man of the @DeroProject community as we introduce Tree.Market, the revolutionary peer-to-peer marketplace powered by the $Dero blockchain! 👽🛸

    🌳💼 Experience the freedom of conducting #private transactions securely, without any intermediaries and say hello to complete autonomy over your data and value. Join us in shaping history with #Dero's groundbreaking alien #technology, embrace the unstoppable Tree.Market, and start doing business in the free market securely today!

    #cryptocurrency #blockchain #Ethereum #ETH #Solana #SOL #Bitcoin #BTC #Monero #XMR

  4. News
    25 of March, 2024

    🌿 Imagine a marketplace where YOU control your data, and can trade without interference.

    Tree.Market is here to revolutionize how we exchange peer-to-peer, offering equal opportunities to all!

    #Empowerment #Decentralization #TreeMarket #P2P

  5. News
    12 of March, 2024

    Tree.Market podcasts, AMA's and videos now on CastGarden!

    #free-markets #p2p #tree-market #tree2tree

  6. News
    12 of March, 2024

    The forest grows stronger 🌳 with over 110 followers on X.

    Thanks for all your support so far, we really appreciate it!

    If you're aspiring to participate in the $SEED token launch, be sure to sign up on http://Tree.Market to stay in the know!

    #treemarket #TokenWatch #DERO

  7. News
    12 of March, 2024

    For those who missed it or those who would like the full version with video, you're invited to enjoy the final cut of our Germination AMA here 🌳

    #treemarket #TokenWatch #Q&A

Come & test Tree.Market Open Alpha!
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