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Human Freedom is at stake:

It's time to take action

As humans, we depend on free markets for our basic needs, but we also need them to become the better version of ourselves:

Humans need the freedom to explore their potential, engage in new adventures, take risks and fail numerous times.

It is in that very struggle that we find our motives, choose right from wrong, and eventually grow our reputation in the community by improving our fellow humans' lives.

When free markets are restricted, we lose innovation, access to alternatives, and the actual freedom to pursue our full potential - our destiny.

If you want freedom in your lifetime and to gift that legacy to future generations, come and SEED with us:


The New World

Help fund the development of the most important software tool in the history of humanity: the one that will set us free.

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Join as a Member and use your Dero wallet as your personal Point-Of-Trade. Make a donation and get a SEED Token to access special perks!

We Accept Donations and Dues in:
All dues priced in $ USDT

🌳 Treemate Membership

Become a Member and trade in the free market! Dues apply only when you need to publish listings and for using add-ons.

Launching Q3 2024



In Development
Launching Q3 2024

Lifetime Access to the Tree Market platform.

Unlimited use of the webapp for 100% private P2P trade with no dues.

Search, obtain and provide your offerings and services to Members in the Worldwide Tree Marketplace.

Only incur in dues to publish listings.

Customize your account with add-ons and only incur dues for the ones you need.

Make your reputation serving others in the free market and have it stored on-chain, absolutely under your control.

🌱 SEED Lifetime Token

Support Tree.Market development and get unlimited product listings with no dues, special perks and discounts, for as long as you hold the Token.

Launching Q3 2024



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Launching Q3 2024

Token Holders Special Benefits:

Lifetime Premium Access

Unlimited listings with no dues in the Worldwide Tree Marketplace.

Seedlings Add-ons Starter Kit - to help you kickstart your personal private storefront.

Special perks inside of the SEED Private Members Group.

Discounts on selected Add-ons.

Beta Testing Access Guaranteed. Be the first to access new features as we release them!

Freely trade, rent or transfer the Token to anyone else!


Come & test Tree.Market Open Alpha!
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